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Gosh, it was hard trying to think of items for the list that didn't include fandom. My life, so boring! 

Happy list of yayness

For the first time ever, I managed to have KFC three days in a row. My cousin, my mother and then my aunt/Ma shouted me. ^_^ Well, it’s not doing my health any favors, but my ‘diet’ makes me happy.

My psychologist. My first session last week went well. I turned up, intending it as a one-time only, but she convinced me to return for the next five government-funded sessions and I figured why the hell not? It’s not like I’m doing anything else with my life, right? And discussing my lack of direction atm and the utter failure I am is oddly comfortable when it’s to someone who’s paid to hear people whinge incessantly, I don’t feel bad when I know they’re getting compensated for putting up with me.

I was wary when she told me we were going to have a talk, because those never end well. But we ended up eating junk food in a park and having a lovely chat!

We talked about the family situation and while it was going well between us before, it’s even better now that we’ve officially sorted out that we’re okay with each other. I apologized, she told me something I’ve never heard before-‘it’s all about you’ [!]- and that she’s put what happened behind us because she just wants to help me find something to do and get to a good place in my life. I never wanted to have this talk because I was afraid that deep inside, she was still seething with anger and resentment but it happened and ended so much better than I had thought possible!

There was also much fandom-y conversation. A lot of times in the past, she’s dismissed my interest in tv because it’s pointless and won’t get me anywhere, but we were in that park for a few hours and half the convo was about different shows. Castle, Mentalist, even Dollhouse and A Very Potter Musical, lol. [I have the songs on my phone and played them for her]

She showed interest, she indulged my fangirly side and I had a fantastic time. Such a mama’s girl! 


Sucky list of suckitude

I broke a fingernail. :-[

I grow them out as long as possible- because I think they look cool that way...

...but when one inevitably breaks, then the rest of them need to be trimmed. And I hate how stumpy my fingers look with short nails!

Short being a relative term, I refuse to cut them at the same level or below than the length of my finger- I don't understand how people can have brutally short nails, it makes me wince. 

I shrieked and cowered no less than three times last night, shuddering and insisting that there was a mouse running loose in the house. My poor grandmother dutifully rose and beat around corners and under beds and in likely hidey-holes, but failed to turn up any hint of a rodent each time. It was completely embarrassing and yet I couldn’t suppress my squeals each time I saw a dark shape scuttling around, tail slithering behind it. *twitches*

I’m sure Ma thinks I’ve lost my mind, it undermines my claim to sanity, jumping at shadows but I know what I saw! What I think I saw…ugh.

I absolutely loved this fantasy novel, the name of which shall not be revealed in case I inadvertently spoil one of you, and was so into the series that I contemplated buying the next book [or harassing the library into buying it for me].

When I spied it in Borders, I figured I’d take a peek at the final chapter to see if the chick ends up with the guy I wanted- well, win/lose. MAJOR loss. While they do hook up, and she even becomes pregnant, the very last words are ominous: ‘And then he knew no more’. Um, WTF? This is how it ends?

It could be in the less-scary ‘and then he fell asleep and knew no more til the following day when he woke up in bed with the Love of His Life’, but…considering he was in a duel where he sustained numerous wounds…and also the way it reminds me of this craptastic scene: ‘And then Snape moved no more…’ Yeah, depressing. It sucks so hard it reaches back in time to retroactively ruin my enjoyment of the first book. *pouts*

Meme time:

Snurched from dragonladyk:
When you see this, post a poem to your own journal.

(a) Colours

When your face

appeared over my crumpled life

at first I understood

only the poverty of what I have.

Then its particular light

on woods, on rivers, on the sea,

became my beginning in the coloured world

in which I had not yet had my beginning. I am so

frightened, I am so frightened,

of the unexpected sunrise finishing,

of revelations

and tears and the excitement finishing.

I don't fight it, my love is this fear,

I nourish it who can nourish nothing,

love's slipshod watchman.

Fear hems me in.

I am conscious that these minutes are short

and that the colours in my eyes will vanish

when your face sets.

-Yevgeny Yevtushenko


The Marry/Shag/Throw off a cliff Meme:

From mw48.

Marry- Bill Weasley
I’ve googled him and can’t find one definitive picture of this character. The internet offers me a variety of choices, some attractive, some…not.

Still, out of a series of unappealing choices, this dude would be the best of the bunch, I suppose. He’s supposed to be charming, competent and caring, isn’t he? A hard-working dude who's still adventurous and glamorous, I'm all over it. Marriage to him would be a much better deal than to Ron or the Terrible Twins, ugh. *stabs them*

Shag- Draco Malfoy

Way too young for me, but he’s attractive, I’ll give him that much. Even if his character ended up being a disappointment. Can anyone tell me what he was even doing during DH? Was he at Hogwarts under the DE regime or what?

Throw off a cliff- Sirius Black

Oh, definitely off a cliff, chomped to bits by sharks and ground into kibble for the bottom-feeders. Loathe this guy so much. Why, YES, I’m holding a grudge on Snape’s behalf, what of it? I may be biased, but his general conduct doesn’t speak very highly of him- this dude endangers everyone’s lives on several occasions, and wtf, he even ATTACKS RON AND INJURES HIM but nobody gives a damn and holds him accountable because- what? Oh, JKR tells us he’s a good guy and they don’t get held to the same standards as villains. They can hex people and be rotten vindictive bullies who commit attempted murder using their supposed best friend as the weapon with absolutely no remorse, but oh no, they’re still Good Guys. But if someone JKR hates does the exact same thing or anything ten degrees below this, we’re supposed to judge them for it and delight at them nearly getting killed or scarred for life or something.

/rant. I’m going to stop myself there or I’ll never stop harping on about her childish black-and-white view of the world and absolute failure to grasp the complexities of human nature, along with her pathetic excuse for a moral compass and-

-oh, right, I was stopping. *lips zipped shut* 

From sunkrux.


I would definitely marry her! What does Ron have to offer her that I can’t?

Well, besides possessing magic and also seven years of history where they bonded through surviving numerous near-death moments and banded together to defeat an evil wizard [even if it was ridiculously contrived and they displayed all the ingenuity of a lobotomized patient due to the horrifyingly crappy writing talents of JKR].

Also, children. I don't know if that would be a deal-breaker or not. *coughs* 'coz I so do not plan on ever having kids, kthxbai.

But at least I wouldn’t constantly insult her as a form of, IDK, demonstrating affection or refuse to make a move on her yet react with vindictive jealousy and making her cry when she so much as looks at another love interest.

And I share her love of books and the library, so we’d have that to bond over. :P


Totally shagging him. >:D

Seriously, I know the majority of the population don’t understand his appeal, but he is just mesmerizing to me. I am utterly bewitched and ensnared and so into him, it’s crazy.

I’d marry him, I love him so much, but I think I’d irritate him. And my skin isn’t thick enough to weather all the inevitable barbs and criticism he’d hurl at me as I attempt to forge some sort of emotional connection. I leave that to hardier types, like Hermione. :P


Off the cliff! Look, this guy already literally fell off a cliff in the show and not only escaped unscathed, but with a really great hair-cut to boot!

From this:

To this:

Maybe the next dive off a cliff will also end up a blessing in disguise, like maybe Marguerite can drag him out this time, and they might get at least half an hour in private without a Momentus Interruptus.


TLW! *massive luff* It may have only lasted three seasons, but oh, there was an embarrassment of riches in regards to the ship. I had not lived til I saw my OTP taking a dip in a mud pool and then streaking through the jungle, lmao!

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Date: 2010-04-19 07:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sounds like a good time with your mother. :)

KFC for three days? YUM. I think I'd get sick of it after anymore than that though...

Your nails are not just long, they are enormously long compared the the majority of people! I've often wanted to try and grow mine that long or longer like those freaky people who sit around all day for the records. But it was just impossible to do because I played sports like tennis which you need a tight grip on the racket and at certain points your nail starts to dig into your palm. :/

But when I was off-season it was a bit better. Also I played on the red entou cas courts so when it was wet/windy the grit would stick to the ball and get lodge under my nails. Which felt horrible to play in!

My friend wanted longish claw like nails and liked how I was probably the one in my group to gorw my nails the most usually. Yes, i'd cut them every so often (because they often start breaking as soon as they get to the length I like and they'd look a bit short/stubby but I generally think my fingers look long enough. Plus, no one really looks at my hands in school more my face or what i'm saying or my shool work! ;D

It also gets harder/different to hold/write with pens or pencils at a certain point, and I've realised only recently that I have trouble/dislike it when they are longer and I have to travel on public transport a lot because I oftern have to hold onto the poles/hand rails and typing gets a bit awkward also, so I haven't been having nails the length I used to like getting them to. *pouts*

BTW where are the answers to my questions of the marry/shag/cliff meme? :P

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Date: 2010-04-22 04:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Indeed. It's been an easy ride so far, I'm rather unnerved by how well we're getting along.

KFC for FOUR days. I had leftovers on Monday. :P I don't think I could ever get sick of it. A little weary at the lack of variety, perhaps, but I'd always welcome it! Me turning down junk food is the standard my family uses to judge how ill I am- if I say no to KFC or McD's, they know that means I really am feeling crappy!

Your nails are not just long, they are enormously long compared the the majority of people!

*bats eyelashes modestly* Why, thank you, thank you! :P
I don't care that a lot of people turn their noses up at them and say I need to cut them. [Tends to be adults, though not always- random Safeway check out chicks compliment me, lol] I like them long, and it helps that I don't play sports. Good for you that you play, but OUCH, I'm wincing at the idea of tearing a nail in the middle of a game. *shudders* Another reason for me to avoid sport, lol.

Also I played on the red entou cas courts so when it was wet/windy the grit would stick to the ball and get lodge under my nails. Which felt horrible to play in!

Jeez, you really are dedicated! I mean, I knew you had a thing for tennis, what with all the entries on your journal, but wrecking your nails over it? YOU GO TOO FAR. ;P

, no one really looks at my hands in school more my face or what i'm saying or my shool work! ;

Are you still in high school? I'm just curious, 'coz people at uni tend to say uni rather than school, so... *quirks eyebrow*

But yeah, you're right, people don't look at random places, they look at your face or what you're doing, right? I try to convince my cousin that nobody looks at her thighs- she's model thin but isn't happy with her body 'coz of her thighs, and like, I would kill for her waist and really, that's what girls look at, in my experience, so it's just GRR, BE HAPPY, DAMN IT. *shakes head*

Like the fridge magnet says: Please, god, if you cant' make me thin, make my friends fat. Lol.

It also gets harder/different to hold/write with pens or pencils at a certain point,

Yah, you're right about that, but luckily, I don't tend to write very often! Or if I do, I just scrawl messily. I'd be hopeless sitting an exam these days, my examiners would have NO clue what I was writing!

The main issue I face is turning on lights. That's how I've broken nails, pressing down on switches, ugh. My poor nails.

Oh, your meme! Well, I'm doing it in the next one- I had Hermione in one of my options here, so I thought I'd save it for later. *squishes* I ain't forgotten! but thanks for the link, I hadn't saved it to my file of Things to LJ About, so that's in there now.

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Date: 2010-04-23 02:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Whoa, KFC leftovers as well? The onyl reason I'd get sick/tired of it would be the variety and oilyness

, but wrecking your nails over it? YOU GO TOO FAR
LOL. Other people are worse.

Are you still in high school?
No, i told you before I'm in my second (though not by paper work) yr of uni... I meant that in high school people didn't take too much notice of my hands...since I don't think many people even take too much notice of ME in uni! I don't have too much to compare there... :P

That's how I've broken nails, pressing down on switches, ugh
Eep! :/

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Date: 2010-04-23 02:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, the oilyness, yeah, that's an issue. Thankfully, I'm not one of those people that has the grease instantly spread to their face or hair, otherwise I'd have to give it up.

No, i told you before I'm in my second (though not by paper work) yr of uni...

*facepalm* Sorry, bb, I do listen when people tell me these things, it's just hard for me to keep track! Someday, I will make a cheat sheat with all these little facts and details so I don't embarrass myself...though if someone comes across it, I'm going to look like a creepy stalker, lol...

don't think many people even take too much notice of ME in uni!

Yep. People tell me I need to get out more and try harder, but look, I made a few friends one semester, then they forgot about me in the next. I made friends in one unit, only to lose touch with them once it was over. And now I just don't have the heart to keep trying. Go to parties to make friends? Why would I, what would we have in common because I hate parties, right, and if that's their thing...we'd fizzle out.

So...long live the internetz! *squishes you*

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Date: 2010-04-23 06:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry! I didn't mean to sound as if I cared that you forgot/I was mean! I was just in a rush to go to class and was being blunt to to the point. >_< Sorry, if it sounded sharp. :(

I know we can't always remember. So does LJ know, they have that 'notes' thing for paid users don't they? Where you hover over a username's picture and can add little notes and stuff I think...

what would we have in common because I hate parties, right, and if that's their thing...we'd fizzle out.
Haha! Yeah, friends in uni can be hard but more often than not you stick with a few people who you had in previous classes etc.

*squishes you back*


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